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The ARIA role="none" is used to obscure the structure of the element which contains the role but does not obscure the content of the element. When the role is applied to structures like lists that have related child elements like list items that effect of role of none applies to these child items too. Other child items that are not directly controlled by the list such as links would not have their role obscured. Interactive elements should not have a role of none.

Applying other roles such as "navigation" to a "ul" element does not change the semantics of the children element like role of none does and may leave orphaned li elements.

List Example

Layout table example

Web Accessibility The practice of making web content available to users with disabilities.
Environmental Accessibility The practice of making the built environment available to users with disabilities.

Image Example with role none on inner image with alt=""

A visible textual equivalent.

Image with role none and no alt

Paragraph Example

This is paragraph text. Role of "none" is set on this text.

Assistive Technology Support

  • iOS 10.3.3 and VoiceOver support role none just as if role presentation were set with semantic information removed according to spec.
  • JAWS 18 (Tested with Firefox) - supports.
  • NVDA 2017.2 (tested with Firefox) - supports.