High contrast tests

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  • IE 11 will
    • change the color when present - for example of light gray border to high contrast border.
    • show pseudo classes
    • remove background images
    • Keep inline images includes those with transparent backgrounds and will not expose a set background colors. This means black text may appear on a black background making the text unreadable in this particular situation.
  • IE 11 will NOT
    • display box-shadow
    • display background images
    • High contrast does not enable the following when they are not present
      • Outline: none on link and probably other elements
      • text-decoration on link
      • Border on input and probably others

Input without border

Link without outline or text decoration


Input with light border

Input with box shadow

input with box shadow and no border

background image with transparent color

This is some text.
Pseudo before image

This is a paragraph