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What it does

  • Reorders accessibility tree
  • Also affect the bubbling events on the accessibility API
  • doesn't need to be used when there is also relationship
  • can't be applied to elements that don't support child elements like input tree
  • affects reading order

Global attribute but needs to be used appropriately

  • Commmon
    • Table (when you separate data and header tables
    • Tablist and tabs
    • No longer used in combobox
    • Tree


  • This page contains two tables. The headers are in one table and the data is in another. aria-owns is placed on the first table and points to the headers row in the first table and the data row in the second table.


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Fairfax VA 22030

Assistive Technology Support

  • with JAWS 17 and IE 11 the table headers are announced while using left and right table navigation commends in the second table. The table appears as one table as well and not two tables to the JAWS user.
  • Note JAWS 17 and IE 11 seem to be the only AT and browser that have support this.
  • JAWS 18 (Firefox) does not support.
  • NVDA 2017.2 (Firefox) does not support.
  • iOS and VoiceOver 10.3.3 does not support this.