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Note about this example:

  • Bullet's are shown because wiki overrides list-style-type.
  • This solution uses the autocomplete="list" approach with aria-activedescendant on a listbox.

Challenges this solution overcomes:

  • IE does not render display none referred to be aria-activedescendant. This example make the visible child input as the activedescendant when the combobox is closed.
  • IE appears to create a infinite combobox structure when role combobox applied to input. This solution uses a div with role of combobox.
  • JAWS auto forms mode doesn't work correctly when role of combobox is used on input field -- it sees the box as an edit and turns off forms mode when arrow keys are used. This solution uses a div element instead with a role of combo box.
  • activedescendant doesn't work right in IE unless tabindex="-1" is put on each element. That is done in this example.

Reference: WAI - description, properties, keyboard interaction.

ARIA Combobox

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone