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   <div style="padding-top:.5em;">
   <div style="padding-top:.5em;">
     <button id="d1">I feel lucky</button>
     <button aria-describedby="d1">I feel lucky</button>
     <div id="d1">Do you really?</div>
     <div id="d1">Do you really?</div>

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Image Links

JAWS currently (16.0.1925) will not announce aria-describedby attributes on image links if aria-describedby is placed on the img element. However, an aria-described placed within the a element will be announced correctly. NVDA will correctly announce the aria-describedby attribute correctly regardless of placement.

Non-compliant example

<p id="description">I wish my description was read by JAWS!</p>
<a href="http://example.com/">
    <img src="/example.jpg" alt="Example Home Page" aria-describedby="description">

Compliant example

<p id="description">My description is now read by JAWS!</p>
<a href="http://example.com/" aria-describedby="description">
    <img src="/example.jpg" alt="Example Home Page">


ARIA Describedby

Accessibility onDemand SSB BART Group
"Must be eight characters"
Do you really?



With JAWS and Internet explorer, Firefox And Chrome, the ARIA describedby text is announced when Navigating to the SSB BART Group link using the TAB key. The ARIA-Dwscribedby text is Accessibility onDemand. In Chrome and FireFox the JAWS command ALT+INSERT+R will announce the ARIA-describedby text for the link. In Internet Explorer Chrome and Firefox when Navigating to the Password Edit field using the TAB key, JAWS announces the AREIA-describedby text Must be 8 characters. The JAWS command ALT+INSERT+r only works in FireFox and Chrome. When Navigating to the Password field using quick Navigation keys, The ARIA-describedby text is also announced.


With NVDA when navigating to he SSB BART Group link, or the password edit field, using The TAB or ARROW keys, the ARIA-describedby text is announced. When navigating to the Password Edit field using the Single Letter Navigation keys, the ARIA-describedby text is also announced.


The ARIA-describedby text is announced as expected after a pause no matter how the link or Password field is navigated to. This includes Swipe, Direct touch, and Rotor. This also assumes that Hints are turned on in the VoiceOver settings. (This is the Default setting)