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This page demonstrates uses of the aria-haspopup attribute.

  • Tooltips are not considered popups under ARIA

Please note: According to the current ARIA 1.0 specification the aria-haspopup attribute should only be used to indicate the presence of a menu, submenu, or button menu. Under ARIA 1.1 the aria-haspopup attribute should not be used to indicate when a dialog or modal window will open. These are potential good uses for the attribute and are addressed by future versions of the ARIA specification. Currently screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA will announce "menu", "sub menu", or "haspopup" for the different uses of this attribute.

Note: The controls below have the attribute set to "true" but do not actually have a menu associated with them. Thus, nothing will happen when you interact with the control.

Input text field

Input type button

Button element



Span with role of button


Radio button

ARIA 1.1 values for the aria-haspopup property

  • values under 1.1 are
  • menu
  • listbox
  • tree
  • grid
  • dialog
  • "true" is supported for backward compatibility and maps to "menu"

Buttons with varies haspopup values

Links with varies haspopup values

Link with menu attached
Link with list box attached
Link with tree attached
Link with grid attached
Link with dialog attached

Radio buttons with various haspopup values

Assistive Technology

  • iOS 10.3.3 and VoiceOver ARIA 1.1 values not supported
  • JAWS 18 (Firefox) announces "menu" for all haspopup values when applied on button role and "has popup" for all other types regardless of haspopup value.