ARIA Listbox

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This is a single selection ARIA listbox

ARIA roles and properties used

  • aria-activedescendant, aria-postinset, aria-setsize, aria-labelledby
  • role listbox, presentation, and option

ARIA Listbox

Notes about ARIA listbox implementations copied from an email from Bryan on 11/16/2016:

  • Regarding the use of aria-acrivedescendant versus "roving tabindex": Both methods whether aria-activedescendant managed focus or roving tabindex are equally valid, so either will work if done properly. However, the roving tabindex model is more useful for backwards compatibility, working correctly going as far back as IE8 with JAWS 11.
  • The use of aria-posinset and aria-setsize is optional, but I do recommend that if one is used they both should be used.
  • Regarding aria-expanded on role=listbox, I’ve observed that this is often left as aria-expanded=’false’ which seems to prevent some screen readers from being able to announce referenced nodes when the arrow keys are used to update the aria-activedescendant attribute. It works best when this is not present.