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(Assistive Technology Support)
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<p>The button below has a role description of toggle button.</p>
   <button aria-roledescription="toggle button"> Play </button>
   <button aria-roledescription="toggle button"> Play </button>

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  • The below section element has a roledescription of "slide".

Quarterly Accessibility Report

The site was 97% conformant to WCAG 2 Level A and AA.

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The button below has a role description of toggle button.

Assistive Technology Support

  • iOS 12.1.4 with VoiceOver does not support this property.
  • JAWS 2018 and 2019 (test on Firefox Chrome and Internet explorer) does support this property.
  • NVDA 2019.1 (test on Firefox and chrome) does support this property.