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Android TalkBack does respond well to Snackbar notifications but can impact other ATs such as screen magnification. The focus might have to be moved to the notification in order for screen magnification users to be aware of it.

There are several points to consider.
  1. The pop-up of snacks may be an issue under SC 2.2.2 if there is no way to turn them off they could be distracting for users with learning and cognitive disabilities.
  2. If the snacks are up for a short period of time people might not be able to read them under 2.2.1.
  3. If they limit the snack to information that is already communicated other ways this would help mitigate issues for users with low vision and screen readers.
  4. Generally you would not want focus to move to the snack.
    1. It could be useful to have a way to focus the snack – but this would generally be keyboard shortcut and likely wouldn’t be available to most users on mobile.
  5. Settings to control the duration and appearance of the snacks (personalization) would be best.