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This page is to hopefully document what has changed after Jon did the testing for CSUN. This page will include links to test. ARIA Mobile Browser Support

testing and results

fixed issues

  • In chrome check boxes when a check box was checked the new state was not announced. The new state is now announced as expected.
  • In chrome ARIA-Llabeledby text on links was not announced this is fixed. On the ARIA link page the some Label link uses ARIA labeledby.
  • In Chrome When an alert appears the Alert text and Roll are announced as expected.
  • in Chrome Heading level is announced.
  • Chrome The new state for toggle buttons is announced automatically for buttons that use ARIA-pressed.


Talkback Chrome: No landmark roles, names, or boundaries are announced. Navigate to ARIA Landmarks Notice that the main region is not announced. It is possible to navigate by landmark but when swiping or using read to end the landmarks are not announced. Text inside the Banner region is not announced by talkback.


TalkBack FireFox: When activating the checkbox the new state is not announced. In chrome the new state is announced. In FireFox the Checkbox is announced as a button. for example option d check button. ARIA Checkbox role

radio button

Chrome when the first radio button in the group is activated Talkback announces not checked when the radio button is actually checked. The group name is only announced when navigating to the radio button group from the top. The aria-posinset value is not announced. ARIA Radio and Radiogroup

ARIA link

Chrome and TalkBack ARIA-describedby text is not announced. ARIA Link

Roles Radiogroup Region and Group

Chrome TalkBack the accessible name is announced but not the role of Group. ARIA Group role

Combo box

Chrome and TalkBack, It is not possible to make a selection in the combo box. Aria combo box

list box

In Chrome with TalkBack, the posinset value is not announced. It is possible to determine that it is a list of 3 items. the Name role and value are announced as expected. The State of selected is also announced as expected. listbox