Assistive Technology Browser Combinations

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Browser/AT Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Chrome Edge
JAWS Recommended/Most common in gov Recommended n/a Limited support Limited support
NVDA Supports with exception Recommended n/a Limited support limited support
VoiceOver (Mac) n/a Supports with exception Recommended Limited support n/a
Narrator Limited support (Windows 7)
Supports with exception (Windows 8.1+)
n/a n/a Limited support Supports with exceptions
VoiceOver iOS n/a Supports with exception (Shelel for Safari) Recommended Supports with exception (Shell for Safari) n/a
TalkBack Android n/a Recommended n/a Supports with exceptions n/a
ChromeVox n/a n/a n/a Supports with exceptions n/a


  • Visual focus may be different in Firefox and IE
  • Difference in Dragon for IE value fields where onchange isn't updated when voice.
  • Keyboard trap may happen in different browser.
  • Mobile Safari does not fire keyobard events except in input textarea.
  • Custom needs trump.