Assistive Technology Browser Combinations

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Browser/AT Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Chrome Edge
JAWS Recommended/Most common in gov Recommended n/a Limited support Limited support
NVDA Supports with exception Recommended n/a Limited support limited support
VoiceOver (Mac) n/a Supports with exception Recommended Limited support n/a
Narrator Limited support (Windows 7)
Supports with exception (Windows 8.1+)
n/a n/a Limited support Supports with exceptions
VoiceOver iOS n/a Supports with exception (Shelel for Safari) Recommended Supports with exception (Shell for Safari) n/a
TalkBack Android n/a Recommended n/a Supports with exceptions n/a
ChromeVox n/a n/a n/a Supports with exceptions n/a

Caveats: Visual focus may be different in Firefox and IE Difference in Dragon for IE value fields where onchange isn't updated when voice. Keyboard trap may happen in different browser. Mobile Safari does not fire keyobard events except in input textarea.

Custom needs trump.