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<script type="text/javascript">
// function to display constraints as well as error messages.
function myFunction(){
// function validating the username text field and displaying an error is the value is 't'
function check ()
var txtValue = document.getElementById("uname").value;
if (txtValue == "t"){
else {
<div id="top" tabindex="-1">
<label id="myLbl" for="x">Email
<input type="text" id="x" aria-describedby="z"/>
<div id="errMsg" aria-live="polite" style="display:none">Error - Your email is not valid</div>
<div id="z">This is the constraint pop-up</div>
<label id="myLbl2" for="uname">Username
<input type="text" id="uname" aria-describedby="constraint2" onblur="check();"/>
<div id="errMsg2" aria-live="polite" style="display:none">Error - Your username is not valid</div>
<div id="constraint2">This is the constraint pop-up for username</div>
<button id="btnSubmit" onclick="myFunction();">click me</button>

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