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<TD vAlign=bottom noWrap width=271>
<TD vAlign=bottom noWrap width=271><FONT size=-1>Adobe Systems</FONT></TD>
<FONT size=-1>Adobe Systems</FONT>
<TD vAlign=bottom noWrap width=292><FONT size=-1>Department of
<TD vAlign=bottom noWrap width=292><FONT size=-1>Department of
Agriculture (USDA) </FONT></TD>
Agriculture (USDA)</FONT></TD>

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InFocus™ Help: Sample violations page

This is a demonstration page showing several common Section 508 and WCAG violations.

SSB BART Group Customers

SSB BART Group has worked with numerous clients, including large technology companies and government agencies. Below is a short list of organizations in the private and public sectors with whom SSB BART Group has worked.

Private Sector Public Sector
Accenture City & County of San Francisco
Adobe Systems Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Aspen Systems Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)
AT&T Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
ChoicePoint General Services Administration (GSA)
Computer & Hi-tech Management (CHM) National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Danya International National Cancer Institute (NCI)
Data Dimensions National Park Service
Documentum U.S. Air Force
Electronic Data Systems (EDS) U.S. Army
GRC International (GRCI) U.S. Federal Communications Commission
H & R Block U.S. Federal Reserve Board
Hewlett-Packard U.S. Federal Trade Commission
Hummingbird U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Lockheed Martin U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Monster.com U.S. Marines
PeopleSoft U.S. Navy
Science Applications International Corp U.S. Postal Service
SAP U.S. Small Business Administration