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<figure role="group" aria-label="Figure 1"> <img alt="a power scooter with basket"> <figcaption>Power Scooter.
<figure role="group" aria-label="Figure 1"> <img src="https://mraccess77.github.io/images/help.png" alt="a power scooter with basket"> <figcaption>Power Scooter.
© MyScooterShop</figcaption>
© MyScooterShop</figcaption>

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Image with alt in figure with figcaption

7 level class A office building and the address 1593 Spring Hill Rd. Ste. 720 displayed
The SSB Vienna, VA Office Building
a power scooter with basket
Power Scooter. © MyScooterShop

Non-image figure and caption

window.alert('Email address is invalid');
JavaScript Alert dialog code

Figure with background image