IOS Accessibility Issues

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List of iOS accessibility issues

  • Picker control (the control which is displayed when a <select> element is present on a web page, for example): focus does not return properly from picker control in web content
    • Present in iOS 9.x, changed but not fixed in 10.1
  • Bug 161118 – AX: VoiceOver on iOS ignores aria-checked on menuitemradio and menuitemcheckbox
  • AX: ARIA tree & treeitem roles & aria-expanded state not spoken to VoiceOver iOS 10
  • iOS 10.0 broke support for links' use of aria-labelledby, possibly also aria-label or aria-describedby. From 9/26/16 WebAIM post from Paul Adam found by Jon. Test file given is Status of newer iOS like 10.2 is TBD.

Safari related VoiceOver/iOS bugs should be logged on the Webkit bugzilla page. Bookmark this short URL:

Here’s the list of all open WebKit AX bugs: