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Possible attributes that can affect accessibility

  • autocomplete
  • For use of list attribute (see Datalist Element
  • type button
  • type checkbox
  • type date
  • type datetime
  • type email
  • type file
  • type hidden
  • type month
  • type number password
  • type radio
  • type range
  • type reset
  • type search
  • type submit
  • type tel
  • type time
  • type url
  • type week

Input text with title (required, placeholder, autofocus)

Input text with label (required)

Input text with aria-label


Input text with aria-labelledby


Input with implicit label

Input with explicit and implicit label

Input text with label and aria-describedby

You can search for anything you want.

Disabled Input text with label

Readonly Input text with label

Input text with label (autocomplete on)