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When describing known issues, be sure to note the version of OS, browser and AT where the issue can be reproduced. It is not necessary for the original reporter to determine if the issue affects other versions of OS/Browser/AT, but notes can be added by others if the issue is found in other versions. Also, notes should be added if it is observed that the issue is not present in another version of OS/Browser/AT.

See also Current AT Product Versions, and Assistive Technology Browser Combinations.

Windows and ...


  • In IE 11, with JAWS version 18.0.2118 and 18.0.2324, when a user tabs to a link element, aria-expanded value as collapsed or expanded is not announced. However, navigating in virtual cursor announces the aria-expanded value. Please note, this works fine in JAWS 17.0. This also affects buttons that have aria-expanded.
    • The link results with 18.0.2324 may be inconsistent, as I (MikeS) have a case where 18.0.2324 fixed the problem with links that 18.0.2118 had, but Mansi said 18.0.2324 still exhibits the problem.
  • JAWS 18 (tested 18.0.2118) now supports the new aria-current, where JAWS 17 did not.
  • JAWS 18 (tested 18.0.2118) supports aria-posinset and aria-setsize for widgets like tabs and listboxes, where 17 did not.
  • JAWS 18 (tested 18.0.2118 and 18.0.2324) - self referential aria-labelledby attributes with multiple tokens (See Self Referential aria-labelledby) cause JAWS to announce the self-referential id token once, and all other tokens twice. Issue is not encountered with JAWS 17.
  • JAWS 16 had some problems announcing ARIA live region updates, problems that did not occur in v.15 and that were generally fixed in v.17.
  • In IE when navigating to an ARIA Slider in virtual Cursor mode after Forms mode has been activated nothing is announced JAWS 18 IE 11 Labs ARIA Slider
  • ARIA spin buttons The role is not announced when navigating in virtual cursor mode using the arrow keys in Internet Explorer.
  • In some cases when adjusting the value of an aria spin button JAWS announces blank in Internet Explorer.


  • NVDA 2016.4 does not yet support the new aria-current.
  • NVDA 2016.4 double-read when a homegrown ARIA Listbox was opened after activating its triggering toggle button. It read: "Select a frequency. List. Once. 1 of 6. Select a frequency. List. Once. 1 of 6."
  • NVDA 2017.1 ARIA List Box List items are announced in Browse mode in Internet Explorer when navigating with the ARROW keys. In Internet Explorer, navigate to ARIA list Box lab page Navigate to the Platform Label. Press DOWN ARROW Notice that NVDA announces the list items iOS, Android, Windows Phone. According to bug 6934 this should not be the case. (6965)


Firefox (on Windows)

  • Firefox 57 / Quantum - do not use with NVDA or JAWS, use Firefox 56 or better yet, install the 'ESR' release of Firefox, version 52.4.x. Add details of problems here. Basically navigation with Fire Fox is slow with screen readers

Chrome (on Windows)

JAVAScript alerts are not announced by Screen readers in google Chrome. Javascript alert


MacOS and ...




See IOS Accessibility Issues



  • Intermittently, the swipe right gesture causes focus to move to the element under the user's finger where they swiped. This issue has been observed in Android OS version 6, with Nexus and Samsung devices. The issue has not been observed in Android OS version 7.


  • Firefox version 5x - add information about the latest big problem forcing us to downgrade - or use Chrome.
  • Firefox version 53 (any earlier versions too?): Firefox reports HTML and ARIA checkboxes as buttons. This should be fixed in Firefox 54.
  • Firefox versions 43 through 46: had a severe problem that prevented TalkBack users from being able to activate links. For much of 2016 until v.47 fixed the problem, we deliberately downgraded Firefox to v.42 to avoid this problem.


Android browser (not Chrome)

Windows 10 Phone



Aria-describedby Support

Some AT/Browser combinations have support issues with aria-describedby. The link below documents known combinations that lack support.

Screen Reader Compatibility of aria-describedby

Bug Reporting to Vendors

  • Apple: email (native only)

Bookmark this short URL to log webView/Safari bugs for Apple:

Here’s the list of all open WebKit AX bugs:

  • Mozilla

  • Google:
  • Freedom Scientific: a few SSB employees have been granted access to their bug-tracking system, including (confirm) Jon, Bryan, Roy, possibly Doug.
  • Microsoft:
  • NVDA: