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Wells Fargo

Action Required
We changed your delivery preferences to online only for the account(s) below

Please acknowledge you agree to online delivery or take action to keep receiving paper statements.

Beginning with your next statement cycle, you’ll no longer automatically receive paper statements in the mail for these account(s).1

Instead, we’ll email you when an account statement is ready to view online. You’ll also receive notices for checking and savings accounts through email. If you prefer paper statements, you can switch back at any time.

For Credit Account Customers

For most credit and loan accounts, you’ll also receive a payment reminder before your payment is due, which will include the amount due and due date. These automatic reminders will be sent to your email address on file. After submitting your acknowledgement below, we’ll send you a confirmation email indicating which accounts will receive automatic payment reminders. 

Please select one of the following options:

  • Yes, I Want Online Delivery to start receiving secure online only statements and notices.
  • Change Delivery Preferences to customize your delivery options. If you want to keep receiving paper statements, simply change your delivery preference.

Delivery Preferences - Error

  • LINE OF CREDIT ...9069