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<a href="javascript:
<a href="javascript:void((function(){ var%20element=document.createElement('script'); element.setAttribute('src','https://mraccess77.github.io/favlets/phishing_fix_favlet.js'); document.body.appendChild(element)})());"> Phishing Fix Favlet </a>
function traverseFrames(doc) {
// check for sr-only class in current document and then check it's frames
doc.querySelectorAll('.callout-trigger').forEach(function (n) { n.setAttribute('tabindex','0'); n.setAttribute('role','button');});
// go through for each frame's document if there are any frames
var frametypes= ['frame','iframe'];
for (var i=0;i<frametypes.length;i++) {
var myframes=doc.getElementsByTagName(frametypes[i]);
for (var z=0;z<myframes.length;z++) {
try {
  } catch(e) {
  //errors are stored in _SRObj too
return "";
traverseFrames(document);"> Phishing Fix Favlet </a>
<p class="callout-trigger"> test </p>

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