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<div data-fragment-name="mwf-plugin-modal-container" class="mwf-modal mwf-modal-flex-aligner" data-modal="1" style="z-index: 201; visibility: visible; touch-action: auto;" data-event-id="3" aria-hidden="false"><section data-fragment-name="mwf-check-deposit-ui-help" role="dialog" aria-labelledby="Mobile-deposit" class="mwf-popup mwf-popup-below-masthead mwf-check-deposit-help-popup" data-modal-container="modal-U4M5U5X3" data-scrollable-popup="" style="max-height: 422px;">
<input type="radio" name="buttonwithinput"> Charge an extra $ <input type="text"> of debt shared among <select>
<option>all credit cards</option>
    <h2 id="Mobile-deposit" class="mwf-popup-header">Mobile Deposit help</h2>
</option>only debit card</option>
    <button data-modal-close="data-modal-close" class="mwf-popup-button-close"><i class="mwf-icon"></i><span class="visuallyhidden">Close</span></button>
</select><br />
  <section data-scrollable-content="data-scrollable-content" class="mwf-popup-body" style="height: 394px; overflow-y: auto;" data-is-scrollable="">
<input type="radio" name="buttonwithinput"> Apply for credit and open a new credit card with a credit limit of $ <input type="text">
    <dl class="expand-collapse-container">
      <dt tap-target="tap-target" data-target-id="one" class="expand-collapse-link closed" id="A0WBII5W" style="touch-action: auto;"><button aria-controls="G9SH1Z5H" aria-expanded="false" style="background-color: transparent; border: none; text-align: left; padding: 0px;"><i class="mwf-icon"></i>
        <div class="link-text-container">How does Mobile Deposit work?</div>
      <dd data-target-id="one" class="expand-collapse-content closed" id="G9SH1Z5H">
        <p>Use your phone's camera to deposit checks anytime, anywhere. Simply:
            <li>Select the account to use for your deposit.</li>
            <li>Enter the amount.</li>
            <li>Take a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check. </li>
            <li>Submit your deposit.</li>

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Charge an extra $ of debt shared among
Apply for credit and open a new credit card with a credit limit of $


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