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  • VoiceOver iOS 9.3.5 - does not indicate an SVG content
  • JAWS IE 11 - title element and text elements indicated; title attribute not indicated
  • JAWS 2019 and Chrome
    • Announced title element; title attribute, aria-label, aria-labelledby
    • Not announced text element, desc element
  • JAWS FF 47.01- does not indicate any SVG
  • NVDA FF 47.01 - does not indicate any SVG
  • NVDA IE 11 - title attribute, title element, and text element indicated

No accessible name

Title attribute

aria-label attribute

aria-labelledby attribute

this text is aria-labelledby -- is it announced twice?

Title Element

This is a title element

desc (only) Element

This is a desc element

SVG with text element

This is text

SVG with focusable set to false

This is text