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(Simple Table for Healthcare Plan(Humana))
(Simple Table for Healthcare Plan(Humana))
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==Simple Table for Healthcare Plan(Humana)==
==Simple Table for Healthcare Plan(Humana Demo)==
<table class="table">
<table class="table">
<caption>Compare Healthcare Plan</caption>
<caption>Compare Healthcare Plan</caption>
     <th>Humana Choice</th>
     <th>Public Choice</th>
     <th>Humana Medicare</th>
     <th>Public Medicare</th>

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Simple Table for Healthcare Plan(Humana Demo)

Compare Healthcare Plan
Public Choice Public Medicare
PPO Plan HMO Plan
Monthly Premium $50.00 Monthly Premium $20.00
Office Visit: $15 copay No Office Visit copay
Select any Doctor who accept PPO Select any Doctor who accept HMO

Simple Table for Chocolates Consumption Not Accessible

Annual Per Capita Consumption of Chocolates
Country Annual Consumption (kg)
Germany 11.39
Switzerland 10.77
United Kingdom 10.31
Denmark 8.57
United States of America 5.09

Simple Table with Colgroup, Col, Thead, TBody, and TFoot

Course Description Enrollment
Total 85
PDF Accessibility A comprehensive review of PDF accessibility including remedation in Adobe Acrobat Profressional 35
Web Accessibility Basic A review web accessibility 30
Mobile Accessibility An overview of iOS and Android accessibility testing 20

Complex Table with Scope

Temperature Chart
City Winter Summer
Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon
Denver 8 30 50 80
Fairfax 20 40 65 90

Complex Table with IDs and Headers

City Winter Summer
Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon
Denver 7 29 50 80
Fairfax 20 40 65 90


NVDA 2017.1 Results are:

  • IE – incomplete announcement of headers.
  • Firefox – correct announcement of headers
  • Chrome – correct announcement of headers

Layout Table

About Us SSB BART Group was founded in 1997 by engineers with disabilities.
Contact Us You can reach us at sales@ssbbartgroup.com

Simple HTML Table with no scope

January February March April
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8

Complex table with multiple rowgroup scope

Default Related Service Fees
Category Sub-Category Type Description Amount Charged
Default Cost Valuation Cost Broker Price Opinion Sample descripton 1 $200
Full appraisal Sample descripton 2 $300
Inspection Cost Inspection Sample descripton 3 $400
Bankruptcy Costs Bankruptcy Costs 2 Bankruptcy Costs 3 Sample descripton 4 $500