WCAG 2.1 Criteria that need to be tested on mobile devices

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Note: These are draft recommendations are provided as-is and subject to change without notice.

This page contains the WCAG 2.1 success criteria (at Level A and AA) and conformance requirements for web content that need to be tested on a mobile device. The list is limited as many criteria either can be tested on the desktop/laptop or may not be applicable -- for example SC 1.4.10 Reflow -- because mobile browsers don't support reflow.

Responsive page variations can easily be generated on desktop/laptop by changing browser zoom, user agent strings, viewport width or by using developer tools to switch to mobile view. Pages that only trigger variations based actual mobile devices that can't be simulated are rare today.

For sites with two separate code based for mobile and desktop/laptop the same principles would generally apply.

Criteria and Conformance Requirements

  • WCAG Conformance Requirement - Full Pages - page variations (when specific automatically created variations cannot be presented on desktop/laptop)
  • WCAG Conformance Requirement - Accessibility Support - Implementation techniques that supports Assistive technology used on mobile devices such as Talkback, VoiceOver, and switch control.
  • SC 1.3.4 Orientation
  • SC 2.5.1 Pointer Gestures (only when touch gestures are offered that are different from mouse pointer gestures)
  • SC 2.5.2 Pointer Cancellation (only when touch gestures are offered that are different from mouse pointer gestures)
  • SC 2.5.4 Motion actuation

Which SC must be tested Again on desktop/laptop when RWD is triggered

Changes in RWD are not just aesthetics and can trigger different controls, new content, hiding of certain content, different styles, etc. and all re-testing of all SC is in different RWD may be needed.

  • Essentially all other SC must be re-tested again when RWD is encountered and when SC 1.4.4 Resize Text is tested as this triggers changes that includes responsive breakpoints.